EMC Consulting


Montrose Compliance Services provides EMC services PCB Evaluation for Signal Integrity and EMC
as a low-cost solution provider to help you achieve electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), solve electromagnetic interference (EMI) and immunity problems along with acquiring industrial product safety approvals with experience in all aspects related to system design. This service includes training, consulting, testing and troubleshooting. Small and large corporations are clients in addition to professional development training organizations worldwide.


The principle consultant’s area of expertise lies in printed circuit board design and layout related to signal integrity and EMI from schematic level to final production along with integration into any type of enclosure. A systems level approach is taken for low manufacturing cost along with fast time to market. The phrase “EMC Made Simple” is a registered trademark of the company and illustrates the approach toward educating engineers during the design and development cycle. Regardless of product application or environment of use, we ensure anything electrical complies with both EMC and safety requirements on a worldwide basis.


The principle consultant is accredited by Exemplar Global (iNARTE) as an EMC Test Laboratory and EMC Test Engineer.  In addition, Mark is certified as an EMC Master Design Engineer and Product Safety Engineer, holding ISO 17025 laboratory assessment for companies seeking to enter the European market.


iNARTE EMC Master  Design Engineer Certificate

Professional services include:
  • Analyzing product development related to achieving signal integrity and EMC in addition to optimizing printed circuit board designs and layout.
  • Solving system compliance issues requiring troubleshooting quickly at low cost.
  • EMC in-house testing services for CE compliance using the Technical File route.
  • Training in all facets of electromagnetic engineering, both commercial and private worldwide.
  • Emissions and immunity/susceptibility concerns.
  • Field labeling, SEMI and CE safety approvals for industrial products, namely semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other large systems regardless of application.